Converge Coaching | Powering Yourself

Powering Yourself to Lifelong Success

The dictionary defines success as the accomplishment of a purpose. For a Jesus-follower, it includes discovering God’s purpose for your life and fulfilling it. Easier said than done. This series will help you to develop a personal vision for your life, and teach you how to partner with the Holy Spirit and people to reach your God-given destiny.

Session 1 | The Power of Vision - Discover Your Destiny

Get motivated by the confident expectation of a preferable future
Discover the power of biblical hope

Session 2 | The Power of Investment - Laying Up Treasure in Heaven

Fulfill your destiny by including others
Discover the real gold in life

Session 3 | The Power of Partnership - Teaming Up with the Holy Spirit and People

Begin a joint venture with the Holy Spirit
Learn to work with others to achieve results

Session 4 | The Power of Forgiveness - Releasing God's Genius into Our Plan

Is forgiveness possible?
Should we forgive and forget?