Converge Coaching Community – Mornings


As pastors, there are a series of questions we all ask: How do I clarify and cast vision? What can I do to deal with difficult people? How do I get better at handling conflict resolution? What is the proper way to process people leaving my church? How do I find the energy for my marriage? My children? How do I do what I love without burning out? How do I handle staff transitions? Or my own transition? How do I put together a budget?

Converge Coaching is forming a community to address these practical topics, and many more, in a weekly, one-hour live webinar format. The Converge Coaching staff will dedicate 40 minutes to teaching, and 20 minutes to taking your questions. The C3 Cohort will both provide morning and evening groups. Space is limited to 20 persons for each group. Cost is $20 per month. You can opt out of the cohort at any time.