Converge Coaching Cohort

$75.00 / month for 9 months

As pastors, there are a series of questions we all ask:

  • How do I clarify and cast vision?
  • What can I do to deal with difficult people?
  • How do I get better at handling conflict resolution?
  • What is the proper way to process people leaving my church?
  • How do I find the energy for my marriage? My children?
  • How do I do what I love without burning out?
  • How do I handle staff?
  • How do I get more people serving in roles that fit them?
  • How do I get the church I lead to grow?

Converge Coaching is forming a cohort to address these practical topics, and many more, in a monthly, one-hour live webinar format. We will introduce accomplished experts in the field to discuss issues such as:

  1. Longevity: Getting yourself to the next level before getting your church to the next level
  2. Leading change
  3. Breaking through attendance barriers
  4. Releasing more qualified people into ministry
  5. Dealing with church bullies
  6. Driving a unified culture
  7. Making disciples in the 21st century

The purpose of this cohort? To help you become the best version of yourself. To provide cross dialogue and relational connection with others in the ministry. To assist you in keeping a healthy perspective.

With over 70 years of pastoral experience on the Converge Coaching team as well as the hundreds of hours of time teaching seminars, college courses, authoring books for pastors, and working with staff and boards from a wide variety of churches, Converge Coaching is going to help you release the potential God has already put inside of you to get you to the next level.

Each monthly session will include approximately 20-30 minutes of teaching from field experts, with the rest of the hour being dedicated to taking your questions.

Space is limited to 10 persons for each cohort. Cost is $75 per month. We are asking for a ten-month commitment.