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Most organizations deal with eye-fatigue. Familiarity breeds a lack of clarity and perspective. CONSULT360 offers a fresh set of eyes.


Accelerate your staff to a higher level of production while helping them maintain a healthy work/life balance.


Focuses on actions that exert a positive impact and reduce the likelihood of stepping on landmines during a leader’s first few months.


Learn how to create momentum that transforms workers from volunteers to committed team members.


Focuses on alignment between a board member’s character and job responsibilities with a biblical perspective.

Natural Church Development

A strategic process focused on a church’s health as opposed to its growth.

1-2-1 Coaching

Coaching sessions are designed jointly to address a variety of subjects.Sessions take place via phone, video, or face-to-face.

John is a gifted teacher and communicator. I can recommend him to you whole-heartedly and without reservation. His own personal testimony of overcoming depression substantiates the teaching in a uniquely powerful way.

Rev. Jeff Hlavin | Secretary/Treasurer, Assemblies of God, Michigan District

In every meeting John made a meaningful and lasting deposit into the lives of our people. His education, experience and humility give him an ability to speak into the lives of people right where they are. I recommend this gift to you.

Rev. Robert T. Cholette | Senior Pastor, Troy AG, Troy, MI

In my sixteen years of full-time ministry I have never witnessed such profound, insightful teaching regarding emotional and relational issues as they relate to our spiritual walk. Not only did my attendance increase each successive week that John was with us, but the buzz in the church was exciting.

Rev Rick Bosnack | Senior Pastor, Center Point Church, Waterford, MI

John, you have a message that will bring freedom and relief to many inside and outside the church. The heart of the Father was really communicated to His children.

Rev. Paul Feuerstein | Senior Pastor, Helena First Assembly of God, Helena, Montana

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December 13, 2018


Christmas was magical to me as a kid. The fresh-cut pine tree loaded with lights and ornaments; piles of snow outside; Charlie Brown and The Grinch Christmas specials; holiday kielbasa and raspberry cream pies; family gatherings; opening gifts; no school…
November 29, 2018


We live in a world that is more connected technologically than any time in history. But I wonder if our technology prowess has resulted in us being lonelier than any time in history? In the Garden of Eden, shortly after…
November 21, 2018


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day! I’ve heard business and psychology gurus pitch the idea that we can think our way to a better life. Their premise? Our brain is soft-wired, and can be re-wired by thinking positively, and in doing so,…

A swirling storm of burnout

among pastors and spiritual leaders

is brewing right under our noses…