Jumpstart Cohort

$299 per attendee

The Jumpstart Cohort for pastors is a three-month, six session coaching cohort utilizing the book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen. In this cohort, you will learn:

  • Why your longer-term goals usually end up petering out.
  • Two approaches which make possible the accomplishment of your long-term goals.
  • How to organize your weekly and daily life toward your long-term goals.
  • The value of a “standard weekly” calendar including the major pieces of your responsibilities.

This cohort will allow you to specialize in the following areas of life: your personal life, home life, and professional life. You will discover principles to help move your family life, home responsibilities, and ministry life forward toward your long-term goals. This coaching cohort in not a “top-down” approach from the “experts.” We will learn from each other.

With 80 years of combined ministry experience, Dr. Ralph Neighbour and Seth Gatchell understand the challenges of pastoral ministry, family life, and the inner life of the pastor. They will use their experience as leverage to assist a” few good men” in an encouraging environment.

Women’s Coaching Cohort

Navigating Life Beyond Age 55
$179 per attendee

Life is built upon the fabric of change. Certain seasons in life involve more adjustment than others. Navigating life beyond age 55 brings its own unique challenges and opportunities. How will it affect you physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually? How will you embrace these changes? What surprising opportunities might emerge?

In this coaching cohort, certified coach Pam Neighbour will create a safe space for discussion around relevant topics selected by the participants. The coaching format will include guided questions for personal reflection and clarity. At the conclusion of every session, each participant will determine a next-step action plan which will assist them in moving forward along the journey of their desired future.

To create a safe and intimate space, the cohorts are limited to five to seven participants, specifically women navigating life beyond age 55. The cohort includes:

  • Six 60-minute group sessions over a three-month period (six sessions total).
  • One free personal coaching session with a certified coach.
  • Insights and resources from the facilitating coach.
  • Prayer, encouragement, and sharing from group participants.
  • Support and accountability for actions steps.