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Hiring from within has many advantages. But it’s not always possible. When hiring from the outside, a well-thought-out approach reduces your risk. In today’s episode, John and Jim explore three keys that help you make better hiring decisions.

Here are the show notes:

Three keys to hiring from outside:

1. Know your existing culture – Get back in touch with your core values.

2. Know what you want – Build a candidate profile including five-six must-have qualities along with two-three nice-to-have qualities. These qualities revolve around:

    • Capability
      • Clifton 34 assessment
    • Character
    • Compatibility: the “fit” between a candidate and the church in respect to core values, culture.
    • Chemistry: can they get along w/others?
      • Enneagram; DISC; Working Genius (Table Group)

Setting the bar too high will frustrate you. But don’t set the bar too low either.

3. Know how to interview – We prefer asking open-ended, behavioral-based questions around the organization’s core values and the candidate profile. What we’re trying to accomplish with this type of interviewing is to get the candidate to reach into their job or even school experience, and tell us how they behaved in real time.

If you can hire from within, bravo! But when you can’t, and you have to reach outside the organization, know who you are. Know what you want. Learn how to interview. And be patient! If you want to dialogue with us more about this subject, you can reach out to us here.


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