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Jealousy is an emotion almost every leader deals with. The “green-eyed monster” is a thief. It robs us of healthy relationships. It steals our joy. In today’s episode, John and Jim reveal three signals jealousy is getting a foothold in your life, and then outline four ways to prevent it from ripping you off.

Here are the show notes:

How do I know if I’m struggling with jealousy? Here are three things to look for:


If your default response to a person is negative . . . check your heart. Do they have something you wish you had? Money? Success? Good looks? If you find yourself focusing on a person’s weaknesses and ignoring his or her strengths, you may be struggling with jealousy.

Inability to enjoy another leader’s success 

When the Pharisees saw the crowds flocking to Jesus instead of them… they were filled with jealousy. When a colleague or even a competitor experiences growth in their career, or success in their ministry, or joy in their marriage, what emotions do you feel and what thoughts cross your mind?


Contentment is not settling for less than God’s best. Contentment is an internal satisfaction and peace that’s independent of our external circumstances.

So how do we kill the monster?


Say the words “I’m jealous of_________.” The first step toward slaying the green-eyed monster is owning our jealous feelings.


Ask God first to forgive us—and second—to help us grow up. Jealousy is the playground of the immature.


Thank God for what’s good in our lives. Appreciating what’s good in our life frees us from jealousy’s death-grip.


Acquire the habit of rejoicing in others’ success. The achievements of others don’t diminish our achievements. The world is big enough for all of us to succeed.


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