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In today’s episode, John interviews JP Dorsey, former President of Northpoint college. In this compelling conversation, JP and John unpack important questions around the movement of leaders, the two biggest challenges currently facing the Church, and what we can do about the shrinking leadership talent pool.

Show notes are located below:

  1. Pastoral movement: There is a lot of movement and transition among leaders currently.
    • Questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking about transition:
    • Am I finishing or quitting?
    • Am I running away from or being called to?
    • The last thing you want is to look back at the time you’ve invested at a church or ministry, and watch it burn up because you didn’t finish the last leg of your journey there in a strong way.
  2. As you view the current leadership landscape in the Church, what from your perspective are the top 2-3 challenges in the days ahead?
    • Significant challenges architecturally:
      1. Discipleship – What are the markers of a mature disciple in your church? What systems and assessments are in place to help people achieve those markers?
      2. Marriage and sexuality – the primary locus of the gospel is the family, not the church.
        1. 80% of evangelicals are somewhat dissatisfied with their marriage.
        2. Our current generation doesn’t ask if it’s true, and if it’s true I’ll make it work. This generation asks does it work and if it works I’ll assume it’s true
        3. Marriage is the great disappointment in many people’s lives.
        4. There is no such thing as great churches without great marriages
  1. The leadership talent pool seems to be shrinking. What can be done about it?
    • What are some reasons people don’t want to be in ministry? Is our transparency about the difficulty of ministry sending an inaccurate message to emerging leaders? Are currently leaders setting an example of well-rounded health?
    • How we prepare leaders for ministry needs to be re-thought thoroughly.
    • What makes someone a person who can be a productive leader for the long term?




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