by | Sep 6, 2022 | Leadership, Metrics, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast

In today’s episode John and Jim welcome Craig Owens to the mic. Craig is a pastor, a consultant, and author of the book, Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics that really matter. Pod 153 explores how our strengths can become our kryptonite if we’re not careful.

Here are the show notes:

  1. Craig, you’ve written a book entitled Shepherd Leadership: The Metrics That Really Matter. What led you to write the book?
    • Some pastors when they resign their church end up resigning their credential too. And I wanted to know . . . why?
    • I like the idea of a shepherd leader – one who creates the environment where sheep can reproduce other sheep.
    • When churches focus on health—they increase the probability of reaching their full potential as an organization.
    • It’s harder to measure qualitative growth than quantitative growth. That’s why some leader’s default to quantitative measures.
    • Lag metrics vs. lead metrics.
  2. In Chapter 4 of Craig’s book, he introduces the idea of a balancing act for leaders – specifically around the adjustments confident leaders need to make
    • How can our areas of strength unwittingly become areas of self-imposed weakness?
      • We operate in our areas of strength often without being consciously aware of it. The danger is I can go to that strength without asking God if we should “go there.” Without relying on Him.
    • What role does the Holy Spirit play in helping confident leaders develop humility?
      • Psalm 139 – The Holy Spirit searches us, especially our internal life
      • God knows the strengths and weaknesses I have. Submitting our strengths to Him and being open to God’s perspective helps confident leaders develop humility.
    • What role does self-awareness play?
      • Growth here is critical to the development of humility.
      • Self-awareness is an ongoing, lifelong journey.
      • Pay attention to repeated messages.
      • Ensure assessments you take become windows of insight rather than labels. Or excuses for immaturity.

Link to Craig’s book