by | Jan 24, 2023 | Alignment, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Vision

Vision is about destination. Vision speaks to where you and the organization you lead are ultimately heading over a period of time. Using a football metaphor, vision is the end zone.

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Show notes are below:

Vision helps your organization get aligned

  • Michael Hyatt points out that you can’t get alignment without something to align to. Vision is that “something.” It is an organization’s north star.
  • Vision helps us put the pieces together for the organization we lead. It helps us get unstuck when we feel like our organizational feet are caught in a mud-pit.


Vision is a filter for decision-making

  • A clear destination tells us where we’ll put our resources—time, energy, dollars . . . and where we won’t.
  • In a world with too many choices, vision helps us choose well.


Vision creates energy and momentum

  • A compelling vision is a magnet that draws people to join your team. To commit to the cause.
  • Michael Hyatt: “When we lead with vision, we’re doing something that makes people move from renters to owners.”
  • Vision connects the dots between everyday tasks and a mouthwatering picture of a preferred destination.



  1. Vision answers three questions:
    1. What problem are we trying to solve?
    2. What will it look like if we succeed in solving that problem?
    3. Why does solving the problem matter?
  2. Set aside the how for a while—focus on the where.
  3. Stand in the future – use your imagination. What does it look like? Write it down, let it stew for a bit, and then tweak it accordingly.
  4. Ask your team to provide feedback.