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In today’s pod, we’re going to turn the mic around as I interview my cohost, Jim Wiegand, as he lays out a proven, simple-to-follow method that helps churches with one of their most pressing problems . . . rebuilding their volunteer force.

Today’s pod is loaded with practical, easy to follow tips that will help you build teams again.

Covid has decimated the leadership of many local churches.  Decimated means “one out of ten.”  What we are seeing is closer to 30%-40% who once attended regularly and served faithfully are currently missing from our ranks.  Even large churches that would normally have dozens of people to choose from for their ministries are running stripped-down versions of what they once were due to infections, quarantines, fears, and other issues related to the challenging times in which we are serving.  There are two ways to look at this reality.  One, we wait for things to get “back to normal” hoping there is such a thing and that it’s just around the river bend.  Or, two, we take advantage of a rebuilding season that better positions the ministries we serve to prosper in the days ahead.

For those who choose the second option, here is a recipe for your success and it’s as easy as one, two, three.

One Triangle + Two Questions + Three Circles = Healthy Church Growth

At Converge Coaching, we call this model “From Recruiting to Releasing” and it goes like this:

One Triangle:   The lesson of the triangle is that the base of the structure predetermines its stable height. In other words, those who create the ministry of the church at the base decide how much ministry there is for people who attend.  Think of it this way, if you have ministry for 100 people, you will soon have 100 people.  Because if the base is the most important measurement we can take, the question becomes, how do we build the base?  That leads us to two questions.

Two Questions:  These two questions get people talking and get them to the point quickly:

  1. What did God save you from?  People are experts in their story.
  2. What do you think God saved you for? For every “out of,” there is an “into” in Christ.  Out of darkness/into marvelous light.  Out of Egypt/into the promised land.  Out of death/into life.

Three Circles:  Ephesians 2:10 says “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that God prepared in advance for us to do”.  In other words, God created everyone for a reason.   In order to help people discover what their God-given purpose is, draw three circles like an Olympic flag with two circles on top and one on the bottom all overlapping with a spot in the middle of all three.  Now ask the three questions.

  • What’s your passion? What thrills you?
  • What’s your pain? What kills you?
  • What’s your proficiency? What fills you?

Your congregation is a treasure hunt waiting for you to grab a shovel and help them uncover their purpose.

This will take time, but if you start with two or three good folks and they continue with two or three good folks and this becomes your culture, you will be well on your way to healthy growth

If we can help you with rebuilding your teams in any way, we would love to spend some more time talking about it and how it can apply to your church.

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Rooting and praying for you,

John & Jim

John Opalewski

Author John Opalewski

John Opalewski is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. He served as a pastor for fifteen years. He has worked in the business world for nearly two decades, serving in multiple leadership roles. John's experience as a leader in both the church and business arenas has made him a sought-after international speaker, coach and mentor.

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