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Today we welcome Rachael Jenneman to the blog. Rachael is the author of an outstanding book, The Real War on Women: Overcoming Culture’s Lies to Freely Live Out Your God-Given Purpose. If you are a woman with leadership responsibility and calling, you will love today’s post. Enjoy ~ John.

It was Christmas day, 1940. Over radio airwaves, King George VI was doing his best to unify the subjects of the United Kingdom. England was on its third month of bombings by the German Nazis and the king’s people were afraid. He was doing what he could to boost morale and encourage normalcy for the children at Christmas. His speech was a beacon of hope in their dark world. Yet he reminded them of the Word War they were involved in and their responsibility:

“This time we are all on the frontline and in danger together.”

In danger together.

I am convinced King George VI was one of the greatest leaders who ever lived. He knew in order for the United Kingdom to win against Adolf Hitler it was all hands on deck. This meant for the first time in their generation women needed to step up to lead in ways they never had before. This was their war too and they were called to fight.

The women of the United Kingdom did not disappoint. Just like their allies in the United States women began stepping into roles normally held by men. Ruby Loftus was one of those women. She and her sisters filled in at the Royal Ordinance Factory in Whales for the men off to war. Ruby’s job was to create breach rings for Bofor guns designed to shoot down enemy planes. If made incorrectly the ring could cause the gun to blow up and kill the soldier pulling the trigger. Ruby may have spent her war years in a factory, but she was in fact on the frontlines with soldiers’ lives in her hands.

Just like World War Two, you and I are all on the frontlines of war and are all in danger together. This time, however, it is not a war against flesh and blood. It is not a war against Adolf Hitler. It is a war against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen, dark world. You and I are in a war against evil spirits in the heavenly places (Ephesians 6:12) and it is all hands on deck.

Ladies, this includes you. There is a spiritual war against God’s women. It is a war against your identity, sexuality, marriage, family, call, and purpose. It is time to stop believing Satan’s lies, the lies of culture, and even lies from the church, and start fighting where God has placed you. It is time to gain back your influence and servant leadership the enemy has tried to take from you. We as women must lead by standing on the truth of God’s word.

You have probably heard the phrase used in female circles fighting against the glass ceiling. The “glass ceiling” is a metaphor representing a barrier that is placed upon you to achieve greatness because you are a woman. This next statement is going to sound political, but it is not. Ladies, there is no glass ceiling. The glass ceiling was broken the day the veil was torn. What does that mean? It means the day Jesus died on the cross and an earthquake took place, the veil to the temple, where God’s presence was housed, was torn (Matthew 27:51).

Once this happened you and I gained access to God’s presence. The boundary between Heaven and Earth was gone. You as a woman have access to dignity, respect, Jesus’s love, and leadership ability no matter who doesn’t believe so. In my book, The Real War on Women, I point out the war that is taking place between Satan and God’s creation of women. The battle we fight as women in this spiritual war cannot be won without you. However, it needs to be fought as God created you – as a woman. How do you do this?

Know Who Your Enemy Is

Your enemy is not cultural norms, the government, men, or even other women. Your true enemy, Satan, wants to use these areas as tools to place division between you and those whom you are meant to partner with. Do not get caught up in trying to prove yourself in these areas. Focus on what God has called you to do.

You Were Created for Adventure and Leadership

You were never meant to stay on the sidelines. There may be seasons in leadership for the sidelines, but that was never meant to be your permanent spot. Remember, this is an all-hands-on-deck war, and we are in danger together.

Know Your Identity

Many women in leadership are walking around with an identity crisis thinking they have to lead like men. Don’t be that woman. Know who God says you are, the unique way He created you, and know this will always be a life-long process.

Love, Serve, and Forgive Like Crazy

Love, service, and forgiveness can often seem like weaknesses. In reality, they are three of the greatest weapons given to us by God. They involve risk, patience, protection of others, and responsibility. All are dangerous to our enemy.

Claim Victory

You may have been victimized or discriminated against because of your gender, but our enemy hates a woman who finds healing and chooses to be an overcomer. Reject a victim mentality and claim the victory that Jesus paid for on the cross.

Choose to Fight Social Justice Biblically

You have been called to fight in this war which means you will be called at one point to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. Do this with love, humility, and service.

Ruby Loftus played a small but vital role in helping win World War Two. Though her accomplishment was stereotypically a man’s job, she did it as herself, a woman. She used what God had placed in front of her to fight, love, and serve her country and servicemen, and she was victorious. During a time when all were in danger together, she became an unlikely heroine- and so will you.

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P.S. –Book: The Real War on Women: Overcoming Culture’s Lies to Freely Live Out Your God-Given Purpose


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