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Pastors are on the move. In its most recent study, Barna discovered that 38% of pastors have thought about quitting full-time ministry this year.

One of the more alarming findings is that 46 percent of pastors under the age of 45 say they are considering quitting full-time ministry, compared to 34 percent of pastors 45 and older.

Why this is happening:

  1. Pastoral ministry for some has become toxic – prior to the pandemic, no matter how healthy the church you led was, 3-5% of the people in that church were devils. During the pandemic and even today, that number has grown to about 30%.
  2. Some pastors are through with the start and stop of the pandemic – Jaime Hlavin: This pandemic life (post-pandemic life? Endemic life? I’m not even sure what to call it!) we are living right now is comparable to an old, unreliable car: We crank the engine for a few seconds. It finally turns over and fires to life, drives a few hundred feet only to stall out again. In Spring of 2021, we got some momentum as cases dropped, therapeutics and preventatives became more available and then BOOM—new variant. Cases spiked. Then they receded and school returned in person. But quarantines and surges yet again cause the forward motion to stall the car again.

What to do about all of this?

  1. Sometimes you do need a fresh start – but to the best of your ability make sure it’s God who’s sending you, not you who’s sending you. God can use you outside of the four walls of a church!
  2. If you decide to stay, jump in with both feet:
    1. Start casting vision again.
    2. Chart a strategic course for the church you serve.
    3. Make disciples of Jesus.
    4. Invite your team to jump into the pool with you.

If you’re considering a transition, we encourage to not make that decision in a vacuum. We’re here to journey alongside as you make this most important decision.