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Today we welcome Aaron Hlavin to the podcast. Aaron is the District Superintendent of the Michigan District of the Assemblies of God. He previously served as a Lead Pastor for thirteen years, and an associate pastor for ten years. We invited Aaron to talk with us about a serious subject today: how the craziness of the past two years has impacted pastor’s children.

Here are the show notes:

  • There will come moments in ministry when you want to quit, and you have to hear the voice of God who called you in the first place
  • Ministry is a long journey of saying “yes” to God
  • Four realities of churches in 2021
    • The suffering stage – due to challenges from the past two years
    • Persevering stage – pastors are encouraging themselves to keep at it
    • Character development stage – who are we going to be as a church moving forward?
    • Hope stage – deciding it’s time to move forward organizationally
  • Watch your self-talk – your self-talk often lies
  • The impact of the last two years on pastors’ kids
    • Pastors’ kids have one of two perspectives: The church is either a wonderful safe place or a terribly threatening place
    • Church people were fighting more the last two years than at any time in recent memory
    • They’ve heard more criticism of their parents from parishioners
    • Pastors have been required to have more difficult conversations with their kids in the past two years, because their kids are asking harder questions than ever before
  • What can we do about this impact?
    • Talk about the good things of ministry with your kids
    • Normalize the ministry as much as possible for them. Let them be kids, let them be goofy and have fun
    • Encourage your congregation to pray for your kids
    • Put your kids first
    • Don’t only talk about church – talk about other areas of life
    • Attend your kids’ events
    • Congruence between your private and public life
    • Avoid involving your children in negative conversations about people at church
  • Be spreaders of hope wherever you go
  • If we focus on what’s right in the world, we’ll have the energy to fix what’s wrong