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In today’s episode John and Jim unpack three revelations John received while on his recent vacation. Rediscovering what fills up your emotional tank and make that the centerpiece of your annual time away will help you achieve the admirable goal of leading better, leading longer, and enjoying it more.

Here are the show notes:

  1.  I was wound tighter than I knew
    • Each successive day of the vacation brought a progressive My demeanor got calmer every day.
  2. I am married to an amazing woman
    • Laura and I got to spend so much time talking. We read a book together, explored some cities with great historical significance, at great food together When you’re both busy with work, I think you can forget how much you love your spouse. How much your conversational muscle can atrophy.
  3. Taking in God’s spectacular creation still fills my bucket
    • Water speaks to me. The never-ending drumbeat of the surf, and the daily rising of the sun over the ocean horizon with all its associated magnificent colors spoke to me once again of God’s relentless faithfulness toward us, His incredible power, His steadfast love for us.

You might be listening or watching the pod today and wondering, what’s the point of all this? Here it is: To encourage you to make a real vacation part of your annual work/rest rhythm. To rediscover what fills up your emotional tank and make that the centerpiece of your time away.


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