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A church or a business won’t get to their goal without fuel—the culture created by meaningful values provides that fuel. In today’s episode, John and Jim unpack what values are, what they mean, and why they matter.

Here are the show notes:

In Pods 127, 128, and 129, we unpacked why organizations needed to get back to visioning, why a creating a winning playbook is essential to make progress toward that vision, and why without the right players in the right roles, success will be elusive.

Meaningful values put a bow on vision, playbook, and teams. Core values are organizational behaviors.

How to identify core values?

  • Questions to ask
  • Jenni Catron – “What do we look like when we’re at our best organizationally? Is this trait inherent and natural for us? Has it been apparent in the organization for a long time? What do we wish we looked like at our best? There is also a degree of aspiration to values as well. But it should be so aspirational that it’s laughable.”
  • If I could clone anyone in the organization, who would that be? Why? What stands out about them that would me make want ten more just like them?

Three big questions

  • What does each value mean? For real?
  • Why does it matter?
  • What’s there to gain if we behave this way? What’s there to lose if we don’t?
    • What specific behaviors are behind each value?

How can we use core values to shape culture?

  • Teaching
  • Modeling – More caught than taught
  • Celebration – what gets celebrated gets repeated
  • Accountability