by | Jul 26, 2022 | Calling, discouragement, Doubt, Exhaustion, Insecurity, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast, Quitting, Resilience

Monday morning . . .

The sworn enemy of pastors. It’s said that many pastors quit every Monday morning, only to re-up sometime later in the week.

On Monday morning, Sunday gets replayed in our head. The good and the not-so-good

The question is: What can we do about the Monday morning blahs? Here are three realities we need to face that can help us better navigate Mondays in Pastor Land:

Reality 1: Direction

Specifically, where I direct my attention and thoughts. Focusing on Sunday’s wins first and foremost can improve a pastor’s Monday morning. Think about and celebrate what went right.

Direction has to do also with remembering what we can and can’t do. Pastors can plant and water—and we should plant and water diligently and with excellence—but it’s God who brings the growth.

Reality 2: Depletion

Pastors expend a ton of energy on Sunday, So, when the negative thoughts attack on Monday, we don’t always have enough emotional energy to process those thoughts correctly. When we’re tired, it’s easier for negativity to rule.

Exercise and laughter re-energize us, help us clear our thoughts, and generally improve our perspective, and can help cure what ails us on Monday morning in Pastor Land.

Reality 3: Devil

Let’s face it . . . the devil wants pastors to quit. He is public enemy #1. He highlights the negative, always. He never points out the positive.

Pastors need to fight back. When Jesus was attacked by Satan, He responded by reminding him what was written in the Scriptures. He fought back with the truth.

Mondays in Pastor Land don’t have to drown us:

  • Let’s focus on what’s good first.
  • Let’s take time to replenish our depleted emotions/energy through exercise, laughter, and friendship.
  • Let’s resist the devil’s attempts to drown us in the cesspool of doubt and despair.