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Don’t attend every argument you’re invited to. Jesus said “yes” many times. But He also said “no” on occasion. In today’s episode, John & Jim help us find the middle between the extremes of people-pleasing and people-dodging.

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The show notes are below.

Leader . . . don’t attend every argument you’re invited to. Instead, discover the middle between the extremes of a people-pleasing “yes” and a people-dodging “no.”

1. “No” is not always the right answer

Lazy people say “no” all the time. The freedom to say “no” is not a license for being a boat anchor. It’s not permission to bury your God-given gifts.

2. Yes is not always the right answer

If saying yes to an invitation, or to an open door, will cause your assignment or primary responsibilities to fail—”no” can be appropriate. Disclaimer: If your leader asks you to do things outside of your mission – remember your mission is subservient to his or hers!

3. Work on your confidence

If you struggle with telling people no… you might be insecure. And until we deal with the root of our insecurity, the words “yes” and “no” will continue to be problematic

    • Insecure leaders tend to overcommit.
    • Saying no is part of being a good steward of your calling, time, and talent. What are the tasks only you can do—and are you prioritizing them accordingly?

You don’t exist to cater to every whim of those you lead. It’s not good for them . . . or for you . . . or the organization you lead


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