by | Jan 3, 2023 | Calling, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Trust

Summary: In today’s episode, John and Jim interview Paul Feuerstein, lead pastor of Helena First in Helena Montana. Together they unpack six axioms that are common to leadership no matter the size/demographic/location of the church you lead.

You can listen to the audio version here. The video version is available here.

Here are the show notes:

  1. How do you know what God is calling you to do?
    1. Discovering what God wants us to do with our life has a lot to do with trust. Trusting that He is a good shepherd. He is good at getting us where we need to be.
    2. Even when God speaks to us clearly about our calling, there can be moments of confusion around the calling. Our perception of it can be different than what God is intending.
    3. There is “stuff” in between the call and the actualization of that call.
    4. The bigger question is who are we becoming vs. what we are doing.


  1. You’ve pastored churches of all sizes and demographics and locations. What principles or axioms were common no matter the size/demographic/location of the church you led?
    1. We have to adjust to the sheep wherever we’re at. Each context requires unique leadership.
    2. The flock in one congregation can be very different than a flock in another location.
    3. Every pastor must remember that he/she is not just an under-shepherd, but they also are a sheep. They need to follow Jesus too.
    4. God’s people don’t belong to me, they belong to Him. I need to love them deeply but hold on loosely. Don’t make people who leave your enemy.
    5. Ministry is a partnership with God.
    6. Believe the best about where you’re at currently.