by | Jun 13, 2023 | Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Success

We live in a world where success is idolized and so-called shortcuts to success abound. If we are not careful as leaders, we can find ourselves frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and maybe even burned out by the relentless pursuit of success. In today’s episode John & Jim explore four ideas reimagining success in a way that keeps us healthy and in the game for the long haul.

You can listen to Episode 192 here. The video version is available here.

Four Ideas:

  • Define what organizational success means for you.
    • Avoid comparison.
    • Success while at the same time maintaining health in your most important relationships.
  • Understand success is not a straight line.
    • One season of momentum does not guarantee the next season will be smooth.
    • One season of struggle does not mean fruitfulness will remain elusive forever.
  • Success—however you define it— requires consistent effort over a period of time.
    • Getting to the end zone is not a broad jump . . .  It requires us to choose the right behaviors hour by hour, day by day, week by week, and staying at it, even when we don’t see immediate fruit from our labor.
  • Success almost always requires reverse engineering.
    • Success begins with the “end zone” in mind. What does the end zone look like for you? Taste like? Feel like?
    • Once you have latched onto the end zone . . . reverse engineer it. Break it down into annual goals, quarterly goals, and then, the weekly actions you will take to make progress toward those goals.


Success in life is not instant, or fast, or easy, or a straight line. It requires dependence on God along with disciplined, consistent, end-zone focused effort.


Success demands we be good stewards of our internal resources and it insists we nurture our most important relationships.