by | Aug 29, 2023 | Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Pastor's Kids

In Part 2 of our conversation with JD Wiegand, JD unpacks what he wishes he could have said to his parents, to pastors who have children, and to kids whose parents pastor a church. If you pastor a church and still have children at home, you are not going to want to miss today’s episode.


  • What do you wish you could have said to your parents?
    • Sundays are not the end all/be all.
    • You can take a vacation that includes taking a Sunday off.
    • Ministry can happen at the church even when you are not there.
    • Remember how precious the years are with your children, especially when they are younger.
  • What advice do you have for the parents of PKs?
    • Get someone outside of the church who can speak into their life.
    • You are your children’s parent before you are their pastor.
    • All kids need multiple healthy relationships in their lives outside of you as their parents.
    • Don’t bring work on vacation.
    • Allow your kids to develop their own faith walk. Ask questions rather than accuse. Refuse to become offended as they work through this process.
  • What encouragement do you have for PK’s who may be listening?
    • Get a mentor or two.
    • Find multiple ways to encounter God – what part of God’s heart for you have you not been exposed to yet?
    • The quickest way for your enemy to attack your parents is through you.
    • Talk openly about what you are going through with a trusted, safe person.
    • Refuse to believe the lies the devil speaks to you. Counteract those lies with truth.