by | Oct 24, 2023 | Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Success

In terms of successful marketplace organizations, ones that are financially profitable while creating an environment valuing both the employee and the customer/consumer are ideal.

The question is: what does success in pastoral or ministry leadership look like? And what measurables do we use to define this success?

God’s definition of success is often far different than the way we tend to view it. In today’s episode we outline what success from God’s perspective looks like. We’ll share two of the most common snares success brings, and what leaders can do to avoid getting trapped by those snares.


When we are walking in a season of growth and momentum, we must be careful to avoid two common snares:


When all signs point to success—people are getting saved and discipled, programs are effective, and finances are booming, it’s easy for our heads to swell.


Leading in our own strength

Growth and momentum can be intoxicating. When things are going well, it’s easy to work at a reckless pace, thinking we need to run fast to continue replicating the same success.

It’s important to ask ourselves a few questions:

  • Who or what is getting our best energy as leaders? Who or what is getting our leftovers?
  • Why are we doing the things we’re doing? Love for God and people? Or . . . a secret desire to be admired?
  • What fruit is resulting from the things we’re doing—not just in our ministry—but even more importantly—in our personal lives? In our marriages? Our kids?

Success in ministry includes:

  • Upholding the reputation of Jesus.
  • Health and longevity of our most important relationships.
  • Faithfulness – keep showing up every day!
  • Fruit – both qualitative and quantitative.


Growth and organizational momentum can be dangerous for you – but they don’t have to be!