by | Dec 19, 2023 | Joy, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Reflection, Refreshing, Rest

It’s our final podcast of 2023. It’s December 19th, six days before Christmas. This time of year can get very busy for pastors. Extra events at church. Extra events with family and friends. Finishing up the year and planning for next year.

So, we want to talk together today about the subject of Holiday Rhythms and suggest three ideas to leaders about the last 12 days of 2023.

To the best of your ability, try to make the last days of the year:

  1. A season of refreshing rest: If you can – take some extra time off between Christmas and New Year’s Day.
    • Catch up with those relationships that replenish you.
    • Read a fun book that has nothing to do with leadership.
    • Take in a wholesome movie.
    • Sleep in.
    • Get to the gym.
    • Take a break from your regular work rhythm.
  2. A season of quiet reflection: – Get out your journal. Write down the answers to the following questions:
    • What went well in 2023?
      • What contributed to it?
      • Who contributed to it? Did I thank them adequately? Did I thank God adequately?
    • What was disappointing in 2023?
      • What contributed to those disappointments that you could change?
      • What contributed to those disappointments that was out of your control?
    • What did you learn in 2023 that you want to carry forward into 2024?
  3. A season of robust rejoicing
    • What brought you the most joy in 2023? Write these items in your journal.
    • How can you get more of those joy-producing moments into your life in 2024?

For several years now, I’ve taken off the week between Christmas and New Year’s. You may not be able to take the full week off . . . but try to take at least a few days. Improve your holiday rhythms. Go into 2024 rested.