by | Mar 12, 2024 | Emotional Health, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Prayer


Welcome to Part 2 of our conversation with Craig Owens about his newest book, When Sheep Bite. In today’s episode we unpack how to express gentleness in the face of biting sheep and why gentleness matters; how to find a “release valve” for our anger; and how to effectively confront biting sheep.


  • Craig, in chapter 3 you focus on gentleness and its place in a leader’s life. Can you define gentleness for us in a leadership context?
    • A balancing act between strength and not always using that strength.
    • Gentleness is unsafe to the enemies of the flock but good to the sheep.
  • Why does gentleness matter?
    • It is part of our character development.
    • People remember how you made them feel.
    • Gentleness allows people to feel heard.
  • Craig, in chapter 4 you talk about finding an “emergency release valve” for our anger. Can you enlarge on this idea?
    • Our spouse is not the release valve.
    • Go “Psalms” in your prayer life. These prayers are for God’s ears only.
    • Slowly transition to intercessory prayer for sheep who bite.
  • How can we “not sin” when we feel anger due to biting sheep?
    • Give them the benefit of the doubt.
    • “When you said that . . . this is how it made me feel.”
  • Craig, in chapter 5 you deal with confronting biting sheep. Can you unpack for us this idea: Before we confront—we should know the outcome we are hoping for. In other words—what is the goal of this confrontation?
    • Come into the confrontation with a fresh perspective.
    • Before you confront a biting sheep, know the outcome for which you are hoping.
    • Understand that not every confrontation will turn out the way you want it to.

To pastors who feel beaten up: Self-care is not selfish.