by | Apr 23, 2024 | Delegation, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Time Management

In Episode 233 John & Jim unpacked this idea: part of understanding the value of time is determining what and to whom we say yes or no. In today’s episode they explore how the way we value time has a lot to do with what and to whom we say yes or no.

It’s frighteningly easy to lose a clear sense of our capacity.

How does a leader determine what their capacity is?

  • Understand you don’t have an unlimited supply. Learn to say no to some things so you can say yes to the most important things.
  • Answering the question: “How do I add the most value to this organization?” Good leadership outcomes require a leader to ask:
    • “Why did God put me on planet Earth?”
    • “What is my unique contribution to the organization I’m leading?” The answer to that question is going to morph over time.
    • “Am I doing something important daily? Or do I mostly work on what screams the loudest?
    • “Am I only doing what only I can do?”
    • “What do I need to strategically quit doing?” (Kevin Jennings)

A few ideas to get more comfortable saying no:

  • Develop a to-do list that supports your God-given assignment.
    • Not everything you are required to do as a leader is assignment focused. Some tasks are maintenance related . . . bookkeeping, paperwork, responding to email, etc. But too often we waste our high-energy moments working on low-value tasks.
    • Create a work to-do list.
  • Deal wisely with people.
    • People are a huge part of your assignment. But it is quite possible the wrong people are monopolizing your day.
    • 2 Chronicles 23:6: “… all the other men are to guard what the Lord has assigned to them.” The apostle Paul said at the end of His life: “I’ve finished my race.” God will not hold you accountable for what He hasn’t assigned to you. So, guard what He has.