by | Apr 16, 2024 | God's Love, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor

In today’s episode John & Jim unpack two powerful lessons John discovered on his most recent vacation. If you get your arms around these two items, they will shape your life and leadership in a profound manner.


Two Big Ideas:


There is never one second of any day that God’s love for Me wanes.

Why does this first learning item matter so much?

  • Because there are days when I don’t feel “lovable.” His love doesn’t wane on those kinds of days. He loves me even when I struggle.
  • Because operating out of the conviction that I am completely loved by my Heavenly Father colors everything I do as a leader. It helps me get free from looking for something out of leadership that it can never give me . . . a lasting, stable sense of value.


My most valuable asset is time.

Other than my relationship with Jesus and my most important human relationships, my most valuable asset is time. 1 Peter 1:17: “Live out your time here as foreigners in reverent fear.” Peter was not advising us to live anxiously. So, what was he saying?

  • To respect time.
  • Being careful/prayerful about what we say yes to. And what we say no to.
  • Being careful/prayerful about who we say yes to. And who we say no to.
  • Ken Groen: “Urgent things shout. Important things whisper. Listen to the whispers.” Let God whisper to you about how to manage your most valuable assets . . . your walk with Him. Your marriage. Your family. And . . . your time.