by | Jan 10, 2022 | Burnout, Calling, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Leadership, Longevity, Margin, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast

Why do we leaders tend to overschedule?

Our first response might be: “Well I’m a responsible person. I have to get this stuff done.” Or, “I love what I do!” Good answers. The purpose of today’s episode is not to talk you into irresponsibility or discourage you from doing what you love. But here are three less-than-noble reasons we stuff our calendar:

Reason 1: FOMO

FOMO – the fear of missing out.

Reason 2: OMO

OMO—overestimating my output. Pastors tend to overestimate how much they can get done in any given day or week, and underestimate how much they can get done in a year.

Reason 3: DOMO

DOMO—disorganized method operation. Disorganization fuels crammed schedules. Some of us lack basic organizational muscle.

If you suffer with FOMO, OMO, or DOMO, what can you do? Here’s three ideas:

Get to the root of your fear(s)

When you’re chronically overscheduled, ask yourself: “What am I afraid of? What’s broken on the inside that’s driving me to choose an insane pace?” Learn to work from love instead of fear. From rest instead of for rest.

Get in touch with reality

You have limitations. There’s not enough time or energy to implement every idea in your head. It doesn’t honor God when you regularly over-fill your schedule. In fact, it’s possible overscheduling is dishonoring to Him.

Get near organized people

You can learn how to be organizationally literate without having to become an expert.

What does your calendar look like this week? Is it packed like sardines in a can? Are you feeling the negative effects of FOMO? OMO? DOMO? Stop the madness. Get in touch with your fears… with reality… and if disorganization is your Achilles heel… hang out with organized people. Educate yourself. The smarter you get calendar-wise, the longer you can do what you love.

Rooting and praying for you,

John & Jim