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In today’s episode John and Jim welcome Craig Owens back to the mic. In today’s conversation, they unpack the adjustments humble leaders need to make and why these tweaks matter so much.

Review Episode 153:

  • Acknowledge the healthy tension between confidence and humility.
  • Understand the adjustments confident leaders need to make – We can play so much to our God-given strength we end up taking things out of God’s hands completely.
  • Pray the “search me” prayer from Psalm 139.
  • Be aware that confidence can degrade into hubris if we’re not careful.

Episode 154 Show Notes

  1. In Chapter 5, you introduce focus on the adjustments humble leaders need to make. Can you unpack for us the double-edged sword of humility?
    • CS Lewis – “Humility is not thinking less of myself. It’s thinking about myself less.”
    • The overly humble person can diminish his/her own skills – this is not God-honoring
  2. Where is the middle between confidence and humility? How can we locate it?
    • There is never a perfect middle spot. The goal is to be a humbly confident leader or a confident leader who is also humble.
    • Making micro-adjustments along the way keeps us near the middle.
  3. If you could go back in time, what would you tell the younger version of yourself?
    • Grasp Romans 8:28 – Understand that God is using all things to accomplish His purpose.
    • Your value is not in what you do, it’s in who you belong to . . . Jesus Christ.
    • Get wiser people in your life much sooner.
    • The relationship of pain and how God uses us.
      • We learn empathy through pain.
      • The pain you’re facing now has purpose.

You can find Craig’s book here.

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