by | Jan 16, 2024 | Consistency, Emotional Health, Faith, Leadership, Mental Health, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Sacrifice


At the beginning of every year, we take the first one or two episodes to reflect on the biggest lessons we learned in the previous year. Last week in Episode 219 we considered the first two indelible lessons from 2023:

  • Refuse to put God in a box.
  • To move forward, you must let go of something.

Today in Episode 220 we unpack the next two indelible lessons. Believing with you for an amazing 2024!

  1. Indelible Lesson 3: Finding convergence requires steps of faith, sacrifice, and consistency

Terry Walling: “Convergence is the focused time when a Christ-follower reaches the end, only to discover a unique contribution:  the net result of years of formation and life experience.  Convergence involves the coming together of “who” God has shaped an individual to be and a sense of “for this I was born. It’s the time when all of whom a Christ-follower is meets what God has assigned him or her to do.”

  • Steps of Faith (Risk) – Anecdotally more people play it safe in life than take calculated risks. And so . . . more people than not never find that amazingly fulfilling place in life where they know they’re doing precisely what God has put them on planet earth to do.
  • Sacrifice – we won’t get to live and work in the intersection of our passion, pain, and proficiency without giving something up.
  • Consistency – Most pastors who experience fruitful ministry have been at their post for at least seven years. They’ve put in the work—week in and week out—whether they felt like it or not, whether they saw immediate impact or not.
  1. Indelible Lesson 4: Don’t toy with your health

I cannot play with my mental and emotional well-being. The road back to health is a harder road than the road of staying healthy. Here are four key preventive routines:

  • My calendar – daily hard edges; weekly day off; etc.
  • My friendships
  • Exercise
  • Reintroducing fun into my life.


The indelible four lessons from 2023:

  1. Refuse to put God in a box.
  2. To move forward, you must let go of something.
  3. Finding convergence requires steps of faith, sacrifice, and consistency.
  4. Don’t toy with your health.