by | Feb 27, 2024 | Burnout, Emotional Health, friendship, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Rest

Today we wrap up two months’ worth of podcasts about a leader’s well-being. We have taken the following position: Our wellbeing is a matter of obedience not a matter of preference. Today we finish the conversation by exploring what it takes to lead from a full tank. Our premise is simply this: You cannot give what you do not have.

How can we lead from fullness vs. emptiness?

  • Understand it is our
  • Remember we are four things: Spiritual, physical, psychological (which includes our thoughts, thought patterns, and our emotions), and fourthly we are social.
  • We must pay attention to 3 practical indicators:
    • Our pace (schedule)
    • Our people (friendships)
      • Solitude can be a good thing, but only in small doses. Extended solitude leads to an empty tank.
    • Our plan (well-being maintenance plan).
      • Laughter – Proverbs 17:22 – “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”
      • Healthy Distraction.
      • Sleep.

We hope these last two months of podcasts have driven home this most important principle: Your well-being as a pastor or ministry leader is non-negotiable.

  • How does it honor God if you burn out?
  • How can you truly be of help to others if you are drowning under the waves of burnout and/or major depression?
  • How can you counsel others when you are so fatigued you cannot make your own decisions?

Our dear leader friends: Take ownership of your well-being . . . all four areas: Spiritual, physical, psychological, and social.