by | Mar 5, 2024 | Calling, Difficult people, Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor

Today we bring Craig Owens back to the mic for Part 1 of our conversation around his newest book, When Sheep Bite. If you are a pastor, you have been “bitten” by more than one of those you lead. And when that happens, it can be hard to manage. In today’s episode we explore with Craig practical strategies that help us respond better when the inevitable “bites” happen.

  • Craig, you have authored a wonderful new book entitled: When Sheep Bite. In Chapter 1, you write: “If I am called to be a shepherd leader, attacks will come from both sheep and wolves. It’s what I do in those hard times that show whether I am truly called or merely acting as an armchair shepherd.” Can you unpack this thought for us?
    • Sheep are not always 100% guilty.
    • Shepherds are not always 100% innocent.
    • Questions I can ask myself as a shepherd:
      • Did God call me here?
      • Is this person a sheep or a wolf? The Bible gives us several examples of wolves: Alexander the metalworker in 2 Timothy 4. Diotrephes in 3 John. Wolves want to create their own following.
    • In Chapter 2, you state: “First, if I do the right thing the wrong way, I’ve really done the wrong thing. Second, when these repeated attacks come, I need to pay attention.”
      • Can you walk us through a process to help us “pay attention?”
        • Evaluate our heart toward the sheep.
        • What did I do to contribute to the situation?
        • Pause and reflect prior to responding.
      • What reflective questions will help us?
        • Is this a repetitive situation?
        • Luke 2:52: “Am I growing in wisdom and stature, In favor with God and men?”