Leading From Alignment Podcast Episode 79 – Show Notes

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Leading From Alignment: Episode 79 – The Peril of Success

Ah success . . . an oft-used word in our country. Many times, an oft-misunderstood word.

Today, we want to focus on the subject, The Peril of Success.

In seasons of tremendous growth and blessing, I made three critical errors:

Error 1: I allowed success to tempt me to take on more that I should

When you’re in a season of great momentum, a false sense of invincibility can overtake you. You think, “I can take on one more event, one more customer, one more (fill in the blank).” ).” You end up allowing momentum to fool you, you ride the wave taking on more than you should, and all of a sudden, your work days get longer, your sleep gets shorter, and it doesn’t take long before the evil twins of anxiety and depression start knocking at your door.

Error 2: I allowed success to crowd out exercise and healthy eating

When success comes, it gets easier to cheat your body. “I’ve got no time to walk today, lift weights today, do cardio today, etc.” Because our work schedule is out of control—due to growth in our work—we eat at odd times, are tempted to consume fast food, and eat ice cream to combat our elongated stress. Exercise and proper diet are garrisons against anxiety and depression.

Error 3: I allowed success to put friendship on the back burner

Healthy friendships are a lifeline to us. Their effect on our mental/emotional fitness cannot be overstated. In Genesis 2:18 God said about Adam: “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Even in the middle of perfection, God knew Adam needed another human to do life with.

Success—though desirable—comes with hidden landmines. In times of growth and momentum, beware. You’ll be tempted to overcommit in terms of your work schedule, and under-commit to caring for yourself and to life-giving friendships. Long-term, that sets you up for real trouble.

We want you to reach your full potential professionally. But not at the expense of your personal life.


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