Leading From Alignment Podcast – Episode 84 Show Notes

by | May 4, 2021 | Criticism, Difficult people, discouragement, Leadership, Longevity, Pastor

By now, I think most of us thought we would be on the other side of the pandemic. Back to growing, visioning, releasing, discipling, etc. Over the past few weeks, I’ve observed fresh weariness among leaders. A recurring sentiment has been, “when is this going to let up?”

Here are two questions every leader needs to ask and then answer in the face of the ongoing pandemic:

What can I influence?

  1. The version of myself I bring to the leadership role.
  2. Making the best-informed decisions possible.
  3. Speaking the truth in love.
  4. Drawing near to God and trying to gain his perspective.
  5. Being gracious.
  6. How I respond when people are critical or leave.

What’s outside my control?

  1. The virus – Covid-19 way outside our circle of influence.
  2. The response of people . . . what they think about you, what they say about you and your leadership.

You’re not going to get everything right as a leader during a pandemic. And that’s okay. Keep your eyes trained on what you can influence. And trust God for those things that are out of your control.