by | Apr 30, 2024 | Emotional Health, Leadership, Mental Health, Ministry Leader, Next generation, Pastor

In today’s episode we welcome our friend, Josh Spurlock, founder of My Counselor

Online, a Faith-based counseling ministry utilizing Neuroscience-Informed Therapy

providing both support and resources to ministry leaders around the world.

In our conversation today we unpack the current leadership landscape in terms of

wellbeing, and explore how leaders from different generations can help each other become

more resilient.


Josh, what are you seeing in the current leadership landscape as it relates to the health of ministry leaders?

  • It is complex and messy.
  • A tension between the generations exists: Boomer pastors whose paradigm is essentially “Grin and bear it. Soldier through. Suck it up.” And Gen X & Z who operate from a far different paradigm . . . where mental health is destigmatized. Younger leaders are adamant about not repeating the sins of their predecessors.
  • This tension has contributed to a dropout crisis by younger leaders.
  • How can we respond to this tension?
    • Younger leaders need peer support from other younger leaders. They also need to understand that every ministry scenario and marketplace scenario has some elements that are less than ideal.
    • Older leaders need to coach and disciple . . . with humility . . . younger leaders.
    • Each generation needs to create space and time to break bread with each other.

Barna State of Pastors 2023 report:

  • “The Christian community in North America does not need stronger leaders; we need more resilient leaders.”
  • What does a resilient leader look like?
    • Emotionally attuned.
    • Knows when to take a breather.
    • Lives in vulnerable community.


NOTE: If you would like to reach out to Josh’s organization for help, you can find it here: https://mycounselor.online/

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