by | Jul 19, 2022 | Leadership, Longevity, Mentors, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast, Productivity, Work

We need to put in hours to obtain good outcomes. Although, putting in hours doesn’t guarantee good outcomes. In today’s episode, John & Jim unpack how managing to outcomes instead of hours helps you get the results you want and have more fun along the way. Above all, what matters more? I hope we all answer, “outcomes.”

As we’ve worked through this question with many leaders, three issues seem to emerge:

  1. Trust – Leaders ask . . . am I being lazy? Is my team being lazy?
  2. Fit – Am I the right person in the right seat doing the right things? What about my team?
  3. Hours – What are fair expectations of myself and my team? My perspective for the last two decades has been this: your outcomes will prove whether or not you’ve put in the right amount of hours (and whether or not those hours have been focused on the right things).

A big question those of us who lead a team need to ask is, what do I care about the most? Hours . . . or outcomes?

So how do we find middle ground here? Where does health reside when it comes to the subject of hours vs. outcomes? Here are three ideas I think will help us land in a desirable spot:

Idea 1: Clear, written objectives

  • Outline the desired outcomes.
  • Add time constraints to these outcomes.
  • Take enough time to define the win. Another key idea to consider . . .

Idea 2: A structured approach to work

  • Create a plan of attack for your work.
  • A solid plan improves your chances that hours are spent in the right spots.

Idea 3: Celebrate the right things

  • If you as the leader are always talking about how busy you are, what message do you think the team is hearing?
  • What are you telling them is important?
  • Celebrate wins, outcomes . . . even margin.

Hours or outcomes? It’s your choice as a leader. But for me . . . managing to the clock is wearying. Managing to outcomes is exciting!

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