by | Feb 13, 2024 | Leadership, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Rest, Rhythms, Work

We’ve rapped about work/rest rhythms multiple times over the 4+ years we’ve been podcasting together. We’ve unpacked four of them in the past:

  1. Daily – Genesis 1:5 – hard edges on workday.
  2. Weekly – Genesis 2:2 – a weekly pause. Sabbath
  3. Quarterly – reset every 90 days.
  4. Annual – a real vacation

In today’s episode we explore a fifth rhythm – capacity vs. demand on said capacity. This rhythm is trickier than the first four. Why?

  • It’s hard to accurately measure how much I have in the tank vs. how much I’m expending. A 40-hour week of routine tasks is not the same as a 40-hour week filled with high-demand tasks.

So, if we can agree on the premise of this fifth rhythm . . . that not all tasks/work hours are created equally in terms of their demand on our capacity . . . I would like us to shed more light on rhythm #5.

  • Implementing this rhythm starts with trust – trusting God will take our responsible efforts and turn them into something impactful.
  • What do responsible efforts and trust look like?
    • Avoiding multiple long-hour days in a row.
    • Getting wiser about what events I commit to/how much time I commit to them.
    • Being thoughtful about travel.
    • Refusing to descend into workaholic mode when challenges arise.
    • Reminding ourselves regularly the organization we serve is God’s baby not ours!
  • Pay close attention to warning signs that demand is exceeding your capacity:
    • Heightened irritability.
    • Sleep disturbance.
    • The first four rhythms no longer delivering the refreshing they have in the past.
    • Your calendar is bereft of friendship appointments.

Here’s what we’re not saying today: To abandon the first four rhythms. Please be diligent with them! We’re challenging you to consider a fifth rhythm: Our capacity compared to the demands on our capacity.