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Wounds and unfinished business from the past impact us as leaders in the present.

Part 2 of John’s conversation with Josh Spurlock unpacks how this dynamic plays out in the life of a leader. Today’s pod outlines practical pathway to address past wounds so leaders can lead better, lead longer, and enjoy it more.

Here are the notes from Episode 89:

  1. The experiences of our past shape how we experience the present
  2. The starting point of getting healed from past wounds is curiosity . . . our reflexive response is to not be curious, in fact, it’s often to run away
  3. Our emotions are an information dashboard that God has wired into our body
  4. Invite another person, who is safe, competent, and loves us, into the wounded spaces of your past. Jesus often engages us through fellow believers who are simply present with us in our pain
  5. Naming and identifying a wound begins the process of change and transformation. Naming it with another person neutralizes it in a powerful way
  6. Getting healed from past wounds always takes longer than you want it to. Resist the devil when he tries to discourage you when healing is coming slowly