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During the last two weeks, we’ve been exploring this simple idea: The more aligned you are personally, the better you lead professionally.

In Part 1 of this series, we talked through three big ideas from our newest book, Unshakable Leader: The Simple Yet Amazing Power of Alignment:

  1. Ownership – You and you alone own the degree of alignment in your personal life.
  2. Network – A network including a mentor, coach, counselor, and replenishing relationships is required to get and stay aligned.
  3. Rhythms – The healthier your rhythms, the more aligned you become. The more aligned you become, the better you lead.

In Part 2, we unpacked five personal alignment components from Unshakable Leader:

  1. Spiritual Hunger – If you lead without love for God, you’ve missed the point of leadership.
  2. Physical Fitness – We can serve God and others better when our bodies are healthy.
  3. Psychological Integration – Our thoughts, and the emotions we attach to them, affect the trajectory of our leadership.
  4. Replenishing Relationships – Personal alignment thrives in community. It dissipates in isolation.
  5. Life-Giving Rhythms – Your work/rest rhythms impact the quality and longevity of your leadership.

Today in our final segment of this series, I want to outline why all of this alignment stuff matters. Why those of you reading today should care. Let some of our clients tell you why should. Here’s a few of their unsolicited comments after taking the alignment journey with us:

  • “I’m dreaming again.”
  • “My creativity has returned.”
  • “My confidence is back.”
  • “I feel the clouds dissipating and the light shining once more.”
  • “I’m energized for the first time in months.”
  • “I’m leading better than I have in a long time.”

Not convinced yet of the power of personal alignment? Let me try to persuade you with five compelling reasons it’s absolutely essential for you as a leader:

1. Getting/staying aligned in your personal world extends your leadership shelf-life

God hasn’t called you to a sprint . . . He’s called you to a marathon. He hasn’t called you to simply start your race . . . He’s also called you to finish. If ever there was a time when leaders need endurance, it’s now. Alignment in your personal life increases your leadership sustainability. You’ll be able to lead longer.

2. A better-aligned version of yourself unleashes your leadership to be more fulfilling and impactful

The older I get, the more I think about impact. I ask myself often, “Is what I’m doing today moving the needle in a meaningful way for our clients?” And when we see them make real progress, it’s fulfilling. The business you lead deserves a better you. So does the church you pastor. Or the team you direct. Or the family you parent. They all deserve a healthier, more-aligned version of you. If you lead from alignment, you’ll lead better.

3. You’ll have more fun along the way

Life’s too short to not enjoy what you do for a living. Our mission at Converge Coaching is to help you lead better, lead longer, and enjoy it more. Personal alignment is a master key that unlocks the door to more fun. Getting aligned will help you break records for having fun while leading better at the same time. Not only will you have more fun along the way . . . so will those you lead.

4. Alignment keeps you centered on what really matters

If you’ve surrendered control of your life to Jesus, personal alignment reminds you that you belong to Father God. Everything else good in your life is gravy. When you’re aligned personally, you don’t work for God’s approval; you work from His approval. You discover your identity is not found in your leadership role. If you belong to Jesus, your identity is rooted in the reality of being an adopted son or daughter of the living God.

5. Last but not least – you’ll become unshakable

The times we live in are screaming for unshakable leadership. For steady, strong, confident, and purposed leaders. When you do the hard work of getting aligned in your personal life, the challenge of living and leading in a chaotic world won’t rattle you for very long. Crazy times call for clear-minded leaders.

I hope now you’re convinced. Bringing a healthier, more aligned, and less anxious version of yourself to the people you lead is the most impactful and catalytic behavior you carry to the party.

With these five reasons in mind, we’re excited to announce the arrival of Unshakable Leader: The Simple Yet Amazing Power of Alignment.



We’ve given you a sneak preview of the book in our last three posts. We invite you to preorder a copy today.  Every person preordering by September 30th is invited to join us for a leadership summit in October, where we will lay out a proven roadmap on how leaders can experience great outcomes and stay healthy at the same time.




All of us here at Converge Coaching are rooting and praying for you to get aligned and become the unshakable leader God has always intended you to be!


John Opalewski

Author John Opalewski

John Opalewski is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. He served as a pastor for fifteen years. He has worked in the business world for nearly two decades, serving in multiple leadership roles. John's experience as a leader in both the church and business arenas has made him a sought-after international speaker, coach and mentor.

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