by | May 17, 2022 | Leadership, Leading Yourself, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast, Productivity, Rhythms, Routines, Work

Today’s episode contains Part 2 of John & Jim’s interview with Chad Deerman, lead pastor of Faith Alive Church in West Branch, MI. Chad unpacks how he uses focused work segments at home and how they help him never find himself behind at home, and how it also helps him achieve a real day off each week.

Here are the show notes:

1. Recap from Part 1

  • Set aside a 50-minute block to respond to phone messages and emails.
  • On rare occasions, I don’t work a full “50”.
  • Leadership teams shares calendars with each other
    • I set aside a 50-minute block to respond to phone calls and emails

2. Tell us about your one/fifty at home

  • Think in advance what needs to be done at home for the upcoming week/month
  • I do one “50” at home after work that is considered a home project. This leaves a lot of time for my family and I to spend together.
  • You could use the “50” at home for exercise, to cook, to plan the next day.
  • How does this help you? How does it impact your day off?
    • A daily “50” at home helps me have a real day off. I don’t do a “50” on my day off.
    • It frees me from procrastination.
    • A major key to progress in any part of our life is diligence.
    • Whatever system you use, use it religiously.

3. What next steps would you suggest to a leader who wants to try the 5/50 approach?

  • Try a 50-minute block with the Lord first thing in the morning.
  • Use a timer.
  • Use this approach for sermon planning and prep.
  • Understand the 5/50 approach or some process like it will help you gain focus, energy, and productivity.