by | Jun 28, 2022 | Burnout, Exhaustion, Fatigue, Leadership, Longevity, Ministry Leader, Pastor, Podcast, Productivity, Work

Busy-ness doesn’t guarantee productivity. Busy can fool us into thinking we’re achieving when we’re really not. In today’s episode, John and Jim chat about the idea of “guarding our assignment” and answer the question, “How can we avoid being faked out by busy?”

Here are the show notes:

2 Chronicles 23:6 says “… all the other men are to guard what the Lord has assigned to them. When I get asked, “How is work?” I’m so inclined to say “Busy!!” I don’t like that inclination. I’d rather say, “I’m guarding what the Lord’s assigned to me.

Assignment is a critical word for a leader. One of the most recurring challenges of leading is staying focused on their God-given mission and visionGood leadership outcomes require us to regularly ask ourselves a lot of self-reflective questions: “Why did God put me on planet Earth?” “What is my unique contribution to the organization I’m leading?” “Am I doing what really matters?”

How can we avoid being faked out by busy?

Guarding our assignment means we:

  • Devote the best part our day, time, and energy to our God-given purpose.
  • Develop an approach to work that tracks with our mission and vision
  • Deal ruthlessly with distractions
    • “Am I only doing what only I can do?”

Leader . . .  what is your God-given assignment? If you don’t know, figure that out first, and then build your work life around it. One final reflective question: Are you giving your God-given purpose the time, energy, and focus it deserves?