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It’s possible to be seriously out of rhythm in your life and not know it. In today’s episode, John & Jim unpack four dashboard lights we can pay attention to that might signal arrythmia is present in our life. Here are the show notes:

Four Dashboard Lights to Watch:

1. Sunday Evening Dread

If you feel a knot in your gut on Sunday night as Monday approaches, one of the reasons might be that you’re out of rhythm. Pay attention to those feelings of dread. They are informational. Those emotions may be revealing your work flow and ebb are out of rhythm.

2. Increased Irritability

Sometimes irritability can be linked to a lack of rhythm. Maybe your heightened irritability is the result of encountering a string of emotionally-draining events with little-to-no-time-in-between for recuperation.

3. Chronic Physical Ailments

If you’re encountering a string of illnesses—respiratory problems, flu, sinus infections, migraine headaches—of course these could be due to solely physical sources. But I wonder how often their source is elongated stress due to schedule-arrhythmia?

4. Discomfort with Downtime 

If you get fidgety when not working, uncomfortable with taking a breather, and don’t know what to do with yourself during downtime, I can almost guarantee you’re out of rhythm.

If one or more of these lights are blinking on the dashboard of your life, it’s time to pause and reflect: When is the last time I took a real day off? Am I stopping at a reasonable time most days? Am I in tune with activity that fills my mental and emotional health, and am I scheduling that activity into my calendar? When is the last time I hung out with replenishing friends?

You, and you alone, are responsible for the rhythms in your life. Pay attention . . .and get help. It’s very difficult to solve arrythmia on your own.